VMBS ‘gives back’ at STETHS

Added: 25 May 2017
Regional manager of VMBS Santa Cruz branch, Erica Robinson, paints a wall of the St Elizabeth Technical High School gym on Labour Day. (Photo: Gregory Bennett)

SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth — Keith Wellington, principal of St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) appreciated the efforts of the Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) volunteers as they took time out to work on the school’s gym for Labour Day on Tuesday.Wellington said STETHS had partnered with other entities in the past on their ongoing gym project and VMBS had taken them a step closer to completing a modern fitness facility.

“Building a gym is an expensive project and we as a school would not be able to find the funds required on our own,” he said.

“I am sure they (students) will show their appreciation in some form,” he said.

According to Audley Knight, VMBS assistant vice-president of sales and services, the motivation behind the Labour Day initiative was to give back to the community,

“The Santa Cruz branch manager Erica Robinson identified the need and we decided to make this one of our three projects of the day,” he said.

Robinson believes that as a corporate citizen, volunteering is an important part of the company’s role.
“It was a pleasure for our team members to make themselves available on Labour Day to just come out and just to give back to the community, and we are really proud,” he said.Noting that it would be good if more young people got involved in giving back to their communities, Robinson suggested that “if the projects capture their interests, like this one, they will be more likely to participate”.

Shamona Clarke, a young volunteer, said one way to increase the involvement and interest of young people is for institutions and groups such as service clubs to go into the schools and inform students of the historical and cultural value of Labour Day and its role in building Jamaica.

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