The 2017 ‘Million Dollar Winners Club’ Promotion

Added: 28 Jan 2017

Saving with Victoria Mutual just got better! You receive no-or-low fees, competitive interest rates and a chance to be a millionaire, when you enter the 2017 ‘Million Dollar Winners Club’ Promotion.

As a VMBS Member, you automatically join the Million Dollar Winners Club and could have 4 opportunities to win $J1 million dollars as part of the promotion.

Not one, but many chances to win BIG!

A total of $J4 million to be won with 1 draw of $J1 million every quarter. Your chances to win keep increasing… with every deposit of $J20,000…in every draw, even if you have already won!

Important Dates

The 2017 ‘Million Dollar Winners Club’ Promotion runs over an 11 month period commencing on January 30, 2017 and ends on December 29, 2017.

When are the quarterly draw dates?

Draw Cutoff Date Draw Date
Quarterly Draw 1  March 31, 2017  April 13, 2017
Quarterly Draw 2  June 30, 2017  July 14, 2017
Quarterly Draw 3  September 29, 2017  October 13, 2017
Quarterly Draw 4  December 29, 2017  January 19, 2018

Joining the Winners’ Club is easy! Save for automatic entry

  • No entry form is required to enter the promotion.
  • VMBS Members who are 18 years or older with J$20,000 or more in their VMBS Savings or deposit accounts, will automatically receive 1 entry in the promotion. If you do not have at least J$20,000 in your VMBS accounts, each $J 20,000 of new funds deposited gives 1 entry.
  • If you have a dormant account, reactivate your account by updating your Member Information. Then save $20,000 to enter.
  • If you are not yet a VMBS Member, open an account to join us. Once you save $20,000 you will receive an automatic entry. For every J$20,000 of new funds deposited you will receive 1 additional chance to win.
  • To enter the 2017 ‘Million Dollar Winners Club’ Promotion your Member Information Form (MIF) must be updated. Be sure to update yours.

Promotion FAQs

Read/download our Promotion FAQs (PDF).

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