Members Benefits

At Victoria Mutual you are not just a customer, you are a Member of our Society. As a Mutual organisation our business model differs from stockholder institutions, such as Banks and Insurance Companies which are focused on profit maximization and the payment of dividends to relatively small groups of shareholders. VMBS is owned by, and run for the benefit of our Members.

While VMBS offers similar products and services to those offered by Commercial Banks, our emphasis is returning real value to all of our Members by way of Higher savings rates, Lower mortgage rates and Minimal or No transaction fees.

Check out our great benefits. No-Or-Low Fees is but one of the many privileges of Membership:

Join the VMBS Family or reactivate your dormant account and start enjoying the benefits of Membership today.

*Member benefits may be revised from time to time

Download our e-magazine here (VM Member Benefits 17 JUN2020), to read more about your suite of benefits as a Member of the VM family. You may also access the e-magazine by clicking on the lower right corner of the image below, to enlarge to full screen.


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