Bridal Registry

A wedding can be an exciting and life changing experience so why not set the stage for a successful financial life together with a VM Bridal Registry account. The VM Bridal Registry Account is the ideal way to have friends and family contribute to your savings and get you started on the road to achieving your dream of home ownership.

Once the account is opened, you will receive elegantly designed bridal registry cards, which may be included in your wedding invitation, indicating the account number to which friends or family may deposit their cash gift for you.

Features and Benefits:

  • Open with a minimum deposit of $1,000
  • Flexibility to deposit in the choice of J$, UK£, US$ or CDN$
  • Guests can purchase a VMBS Gift Certificate valued at any amount
  • Deposits may be made at any of the 15 VMBS locations islandwide
  • Your ideal start in achieving your dream of home ownership.

Best Suited for:

  • Persons who are thinking of getting married
  • New Joint Savers – first account as a couple
  • Persons wishing to receive cash gifts to start their married life
  • Engaged couples wishing to establish a home savings plan with the help of others
  • Persons wishing to recover some of their wedding expenses

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