Seaga Sees Great Success In Nat’l Prayer Breakfasts

Added: 09 Jan 2015

With Jamaica approaching the 35th staging of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NTPB), former Prime Minister Edward Seaga is lauding the event for, over the years, creating a sense of unity among the country’s leaders.

The purpose of the NLPB is to foster greater unity in the nation, particularly among the nation’s leaders at all levels.

The first NLPB was held in 1981, following the general election of 1980.

Seaga was prime minister when the event was first conceptualised.

“It was my proposal for it to be started, and since then, the event has maintained a standard moral code with a deep resonance for the people in what is happening in the country and what ought to be done to redeem some of the evils of the society,” he told The Gleaner.

“It has not been ineffective, and you can tell by the number of people who are there on each occasion. They should continue to have the event as it is making an impact of some sort. As a nation, we don’t need less prayer, there should always be more.”


The theme for this year’s staging is ‘Return … Reconnect … Rebuild with God’.

“The NLPB considers it necessary to challenge the nation to rebuild and reconnect with God. As nations enter into new periods of their growth and development, the need for rebuilding and reconstruction becomes very necessary. Old systems and models become outdated and archaic. They, therefore, become irrelevant for the new circumstances which face the nation,” Dr Stevenson Samuels, chairman of the NLPB Committee, said yesterday at the press launch for the NLPB held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.

“It is, therefore, critical for any society to go through a process of rebuilding and reconstruction at different points in its history in order to remain relevant. The stakeholders of this nation are calling for rebuilding and reconstruction.

Samuels noted that among the stakeholders were citizens living in the nation, members of the diaspora, representatives of countries which do business with Jamaica, and multinational corporations.

“They are all saying that it’s time for this Rock to take stock. Let’s create a new Jamaica, where peace and respect will be major features of the society,” Stevenson continued.

The 2015 NLPB will be held next Thursday at The Jamaica Pegasus.