For many persons, saving money is so much easier said than done. It never seems as though there is enough money to do what we want, much less to put some aside in savings. We want to save but do not think that we earn enough money or don't know what to do to get started.

Saving is easy with the Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), as we have a savings product to meet your every need, whether you just started your first job, are preparing to send your children to university or getting ready for retirement.

Why save with VMBS?

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Savings are safe & secure with deposit insurance
  • Ideal for long-term savings goals
  • Access to preferential mortgage rates

Let’s get you started

Let’s get you started with those saving goals with a savings plan from VMBS. We’re ready to get you started in #reallife

Our Savings Products

iGain Sterling

Earn up to 2% on your Pound Sterling deposit with the VM iGain Sterling Certificate of Deposit.

VM Capital Accumulator

Knowing your financial position is a great start to planning towards your goals. Let's help you secure those medium to long-term goals with the VM Capital Accumulator 2021 Deferred Shares.

Foreign Currency Accounts

The Society offers a number of options to save in foreign currency. These accounts are offered as Share or Deposit Accounts and are available to both residents and non-
residents of Jamaica. Find out more.


The VM iSave facilitates a monthly commitment to saving for 12 months, with the option for renewal at the end of the period, while offering above average interest rates. Find out more.

iSave for Home

With attractive interest rates, access to special mortgage benefits and the ability to save in the currency of your choice, our iSave for Home product is a great way to save toward your first home. Find out more.

Money Maker

The VM Money Maker long term savings account offers attractive interest rates with Tax-Free benefits on lump sum deposits that are maintained for 5 years. Find out more.


The VM Save2Grow School Savings Programme is designed to help young Jamaicans develop the habit of saving as a life-long skill. Find out more.

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