Are you getting enough from your savings?

You’re probably not – but you could easily fix that. Simply start saving with VMBS and get MORE! It’s that easy!!!

(Unless you don’t want more...and we highly doubt that.)

Saving with VMBS

As a Mutual Financial Institution, our Savers have a unique advantage. We are owned by our Members, and not shareholders, so our surplus goes back into delivering greater returns to our Members through Low or No fees and Highly Competitive Savings Rates.

Here's what this means for you:

  • You start earning interest on lower minimum balances than most other financial institutions
  • You are NOT charged to have an account (yes, others charge you for this), so your funds remain in your account, earning interest
  • We have never charged dormant fees on accounts, so your funds stay in your account and continue to earn interest
  • As a VMBS Saver you can access your accounts at ANY ABM, ANYWHERE with a VMBS Debit Card for FREE
  • As a saver you get additional benefits when you apply for a mortgage at VMBS.*

These are just some of the ways in which we ensure that Saving with VMBS Means More Savings for You.

Can your financial institution top that? We highly doubt it!

Ready to Get Started with your very own VMBS account? Let's go.