your dormant VMBS Account

Your VMBS account is dormant if you haven’t used it for the past 18 months or more and chances are your files on record may require a bit of updating. But no stress, you can be guided by our Member Engagement Centre on how to proceed and get your account reactivated in the shortest possible time whether you are living in Jamaica or overseas.

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Fund your pre-dormant account

We totally get that life may throw us a few curveballs or distractions along the way, but life has also taught us that each day brings another opportunity to reset. And here is a prime moment to do just that.

If you have not used your account within the last 6-18 months, your account has gone into a pre-dormant state, but, it’s a quick fix.

All you have to do is fund your account, and just like that you are back on track!

Automated Banking Machines (ABMs)

You can fund your account at any of the 24-hour VMBS ABMs. Please select from the drop-down list to find an ABM closest to you: List of all ABMs which provides location and address

Internet/Online Banking

To fund your account online kindly click/log on to VMBS Express Online at

Real-Time Gross Settlements (RTGS)/ Online Banking

Transfer funds from other local financial institutions via online banking to your VMBS account. It’s fast as funds are typically reflected same day. All you need is your VMBS banking details, which will be categorized as the beneficiary or receiver account for the transfer to be processed.

FX and Cheque Express – In-Branch Depository

Funding your account via cheque and FX Cash is now even easier with our VM Express In-branch depository.

Over the Counter Branch Teller

Branches to conduct your transactions are easy to find with our branch locator.

Applicable Fees

CLICK HERE for more information on applicable fees.


CLICK HERE for more information on how to fund your account using VMTS

Wire Transfers

CLICK HERE for information on how to send funds via wire transfer.


Our lockbox option allows you to send funds to your VMBS account from the United States via cheque. Make your cheque or money order payable to VMBS. Ensure that your name and account number are clearly and correctly written on the cheque or money order. Place the cheque or money order in an envelope – no cash! Mail to: The Victoria Mutual Building Society P. O. Box 7247-8801 Philadelphia PA 19170-880

Applicable Fees

CLICK HERE for more information on applicable fees.

For any additional queries or support,, please reach out to our Member Engagement Centre at or call toll-free from Jamaica, North America, or the UK.