Personal Loan Application Form

    Loan Details - Step 1

    Personal Details - Step 2

    Identification (ID) - Step 3

    Current Address - Step 4

    Mailing Address Details (complete if different from current address)

    Previous Address - Step 5

    Complete If living at current address for less than 2 years

    Current Employment Details - Step 6


    Previous Employment Details - Step 7

    Complete if working at current employer for less than five years


    Contact Person - Step 8

    Contact Person #1


    Contact Person #2


    Financial Details, Income and Expenses - Step 9

    Monthly Income

    Monthly Expenses

    State amount for each expense where applicable Rent, utility, food, transportation, entertainment, medical expenses, etc This includes life insurance, motor vehicle insurance, health insurance, etc Car loan, personal loan, student loan, etc

    Financial Details, Assets and Liabilities - Step 10


    State estimated value of each asset where applicable

    Mortgage and Other Liabilities


    Credit Card, Hire Purchase, Loan, Mortgage, etc

    Submit your application - Step 11

    I hereby declare that all information provided in support of this application is true and complete. I fully understand that the Society reserves the right to verify the information given and to request additional information or take the appropriate action where the information provided is found to be false.

    I agree to these terms and conditions.

    You will receive a response to your enquiry from Victoria Mutual Building Society via telephone, email or fax within two (2) working days.