Nestle, VMBS and Wisynco supporting positive youth development

Added: 25 Jul 2017

The thrust to inspire and empower young professionals to aim for and forge towards realising their full career potential is central to the goals of the Keep Growing Young Professionals’ Conference that is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26 at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston.

The Keep Growing Young Professionals' Conference is all about empowerment and career advancement.

The Keep Growing Young Professionals’ Conference is all about empowerment and career advancement.

The event which is all about empowerment and career advancement, is notably being backed by a number of top national corporate entities, including Nestle, Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) and Wisynco.

In discussions with representatives of the three corporate giants, the pulse of their motivation to support the initiative was gauged, and across the board, the clear winning formula of the event came out as the common denominator.

For example, Nestle’s Head of Corporate Affairs and Communication, Keisha Palmer, in noting that the conference will be focusing on young professionals between ages 18 to 29 years, said her company was drawn to the event because of its own Nestle Needs Youth initiative.

She said goals like helping to reduce unemployment among young professionals through efforts to teach them employable skills and motivate them to make the transfer to productive employment “fitted ideally with our own thrust under the Nestle Needs Youth initiative”.

As a consequence, Nestle will be well represented in a booth at the conference, where participants can benefit from tips and guidance on developing skill in areas like resume and interview preparations.

In addition, and of critical significance, Palmer said at the conference, Nestle will be doing interviews for its summer and internship programmes, “to see if we can get some participants for the programmes there.”

The company will also be doing a presentation on financial management and employability skills, which will include matters like resume preparation, interview skills and corporate deportment.

“It’s one of our big commitments over at least the next three years,” outlined Palmer of Nestle’s ongoing youth empowerment thrust.

“We are really supportive of the drive, and the Keep Growing conference seems to be a really good platform to seek to build on our efforts towards our goals,” she added.

Kiesha Mascoll, Marketing Manager at VMBS, noted the entity’s recognition of the need for young professionals to make sound financial decision. She said aside from childhood, the next best time to start focusing on making sound financial decisions is upon starting one’s first job.

“Young professionals need to focus on building strong financial futures, and that is where we come in, in helping and guiding them along the way,” she indicated.

“Our corporate mandate is about fostering financial independence, and the conference fits into that fundamentally,” she added.

Thus it is no surprise that VMBS will be represented at a booth at the conference, from which “we will be conducting a financial planning workshop to help the participants with the prudent application of financial management, including practical exercises like budgeting and how to carve out extra saving from their monthly income and expenditure patterns.”

The company will also be promoting its ‘One Less’ concept, which focuses on channeling funds to a particular goal from savings realised through the cessation of one regular expenditure over a period of time.

VMBS will also be focusing on first-time home buying through a first-time mortgage plan which exposes young professional to their ability to own their own homes.

Wisynco, through its Wata and Bigga brands, will be hydrating the conference.

Africa Donaldson, Brand Manager for Wata and Cran Wata at Wisynco, said the health and well-being of young persons who need these attributes to be successful at their career endeavours, was a significant motivating factor to the Wata brands’ involvement.

Additionally, Kamila McDonald, a fitness instructor who is one of the Wata brand ambassadors, is slated to make a presentation at the conference “and, you know, we have to support our own,” Donaldson indicated.

But she said the support for the conference was not only limited to a focus on fitness and physical well-being among the participants, but on the whole development process for the young professional.

Thus, in addition to hydrating the conference, Wisynco’s support will also be behind the presentation of Prince Pine, a comedian and social media personality who is a brand ambassador for Bigga, who will be bringing a broader personal and professional perspective to the event.

Other sponsors of the Keep Growing Young Professionals’ Conference are Trend Media, Sol Petroleum, Heart Trust NTA and Jamaica Observer.