Purchase/Home Improvement Loans

Experience the joy of home ownership with a VMBS mortgage that’s customised just for you and your individual needs. No matter the size or location, we will work with you to ensure that you get into your new home right on time.

At the heart of who we are is the desire to turn ever Jamaican into a home owner. We know that’s a big deal and that’s why we out team will walk you through every step and help you to walk away with the keys to your happy home.

Just talk to us today and we will be celebrating with you in no time.

Features & Benefits:

Enjoy the benefits that come with a VMBS mortgage

  • Customised financing: Up to 100% on mortgage loans
  • Jamaican and Foreign Exchange mortgages available at great rates
  • Low monthly repayments that suit your budget
  • Available to local and overseas residents;
  • Fast turn-around on approvals
  • VMBS/NHT Joint Financing facilitation – one application for your convenience
  • 50% Discounts on property valuations through VM Property Services Limited
  • Discount on your home insurance premiums and

So much more!

Calculate your estimated mortgage payments and contact us to pre-quality today.

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