In keeping with our philosophy of Mutuality, VMBS is committed to providing you, our valued members with access to financing solutions geared to meeting your short, medium and long term goals.

Let us help you manifest your dream, with a VM Personal Loan or Mortgage Today! Be it home ownership, home improvement, asset acquisition, giving your child a quality education and/or dealing with emergency medical expenses, we have a financing solution for you.

Why access a VMBS loan?

  • Attractive loan rates
  • Fast and efficient processing times
  • 'One Stop Shop' for NHT Joint Financing
  • Lump sum payment to principal can be made at any time

Our Loan Solutions

Cash Secured Loans

Continue to earn interest on your savings while accessing a quick and easy loan to acquire assets or deal with a life altering event. Find out more.

Drive Auto Loan

Have you been dreaming of owning your own motor vehicle? Thinking of upgrading your current ride? Let's make it happen!

1st Home Mortgage

Flexible repayment periods, discounts on insurance premiums and interest rate fixed for 3 years are just some of the features of our 1st Home Mortgage product. Find out more.

iSave for Home Mortgage

Get up to 97% financing, 50% discount on valuations and preferred mortgage rates with out iSave for Home Mortgage option. Find out more.

Purchase/Home Improvement Loans

Whether you are already a part of the VM Family or you are in the market for a mortgage loan, we have a mortgage plan to meet your needs. Find out more.

Home Equity Loans

Access a VM Home Equity Loan and unlock the value in your home and get you to your goal faster. Find out more.

Construction Loans

VMBS will provide you with a loan for the construction of your dream home, which is based on the value of the dwelling on completion not just the value of the property. Find out more.

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Whether your business needs are purchasing property, the VM Commercial Mortgage is an excellent option. Find out more.

Unsecured Loans

Have a major health expense your Emergency Fund can't cover? Want to finally consolidate your loans? Time for the dream vacation? Whatever the reason, the VM Unsecured Loan is the answer! Find out more.

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