Faster Access to Home Loans

Acquiring a home can be an overwhelming and sometimes daunting experience. However, one should never miss out on a “good deal” because the funds for initial deposit or a mortgage loan could not be accessed in time.

The VMBS Difference

Set up for the benefit of its Members with the sole purpose of helping Jamaicans regardless of their socio-economic background to own a home. VMBS finances mortgage loans in a shorter time frame, with fewer constraints, conveniently and at competitive rates providing that all the required documents have been submitted. As an additional bonus, customers receive a discount on all valuations from our subsidiary, Victoria Mutual Property Services.

Take advantage of a VM mortgage loan, at low interest rates, with fast turnaround approval.

Whether the money used for your deposit or closing costs comes from savings and investments, or you have to find it all at once, some degree of effort is required towards this very important step. The Victoria Mutual Building Society continues to make the process towards homeownership significantly less stressful and more possible, by offering savings solutions such as the VM iSave Account to help you get to your goal faster.

One Application Joint VMBS/NHT Financing

Take advantage of our joint financing arrangement with National Housing Trust (NHT), where you can complete all the paper work regarding NHT benefits at the VMBS location of your choice. “The VMBS/NHT Joint Financing Program makes the mortgage loan process easier. As both loans are processed, disbursed and serviced at the Society at no extra cost to you.

  • Benefit from a Shorter process, as now only one application is processed and one loan registered
  • Refinance your Mortgage with this VMBS/NHT Joint Financing
  • Receive Annual Statement, showing the balances on both the NHT and VMBS loan portions.

VMBS/NHT joint financing program-Criteria

The VMBS/NHT joint criteria are based on the same factors deciding whether or not you are eligible for a typical mortgage loan. Usually factors like credit history, age (determines length of time to repay), and the ability to repay the loan are taken into consideration.

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