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In order to open a VM personal savings or deposit account your will need to present the following supporting documents.

Acceptable Forms of personal identification

  • A Passport
  • A Driver’s licence
  • Jamaica’s Electoral Registration ID Card
  • Citizenship or Resident Card for countries outside Jamaica
  • For minors – a school identification with student’s photograph and signature, birth certificate, passport, or a certified passport-sized photograph

Two character references

Please note any two of the following persons may act as character references on your behalf:

  • Director or permanent staff member of The VM Group
  • Customer’s Employer (Conditions Apply)
  • Principal of a School
  • Senior Officers and Managers of a regulated financial institution
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Attorney at Law
  • Notary Public
  • Minister of Religion
  • Medical Practitioner

Tax Registration Number (TRN)

Proof of Address

  • Residential address of each account holder on personal accounts and of each signing officer on non-personal accounts must be verified.
  • Current utility bill with the name and address of the customer.

W9 or W8Ben (if applicable)

Proof of Income:

Acceptable documents include:

  • Most current pay slip
  • Job Letter
  • Tax returns
  • Income Statement Form

Download Forms

Download Form | Download Form (UK applicants)

What next?

Once you complete your online application it goes immediately to the appropriate department for you. An experienced VMBS Member’s representative will review your application within 48 hours. Immediately after reviewing your application form for any errors or inconsistencies you will be contacted by VMBS.

Your personal representative will introduce themselves to you and arrange an appointment for you to visit one of our branches for you to complete your application and begin an extraordinary journey with us that will change your life.

Do not forget that you may contact us at anytime, you do not have to wait on us to contact you by simply calling us here.

Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.

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Can I open an account online?

You cannot completely open an account online. But it is possible at VMBS to fill out an application and begin the process so that when you are invited to complete the process in one of our branches it will take much less time.

Do I need to present a Tax Payers Identification card?

Yes. The TIC includes; TRN, SSN and NI.

Do I need to provide reference and proof of address for a minor?

No, however the reference for the adult must state the relationship of the adult to the minor.

Do I really need to disclose and present source of funds document?

Yes, based on regulatory guidelines applicable to financial institutions, declaration of source of funds is required. Physical proof may also be required, but will be dependent on the amount.

How many forms of identification do I need?

You only need one approved ID to complete your application. It is important to visit our ‘open an account‘ page to ensure you have everything you need when you visit our offices to complete your application

How many references do I need?

Any two references, refer to list of authorized references.

My ID expired two months ago; can this still be used to open an account?

No, IDs must be current and valid.

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