On November 14, 2018, Victoria Mutual marked its 140th Anniversary. The journey of Victoria Mutual has coincided with many major moments in Jamaica’s history. Think about it. Victoria Mutual was founded only 40 years after the full emancipation of slaves on the island and just 13 years after the Morant Bay Rebellion.

It was 84 years before Jamaica gained independence from Britain that a group of clergymen led by Reverend G.W. Downer, Rector of the Kingston Parish Church founded Victoria Mutual.

This means that by the time the nation gained independence, Victoria Mutual had already long been working to achieve financial independence for its Members.

This puts into perspective the weight of the purpose behind this organisation’s founding – to spread financial inclusion by helping hardworking but economically marginalised Jamaicans to own homes. This purpose to give everyone an equal chance at financial independence continues to drive us 14 decades after our founding.

That’s why we are innovating for the future and remain committed to doing even more in the years ahead to fulfil this mission.

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