Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) launched its "One Less = More" savings campaign to build awareness around the ways in which each person can create savings opportunities in their budgets; by making small adjustments in our individual spending habits we can increase our savings, therefore enabling each person to achieve their goals.

Hugh Reid, former SVP & Chief Operating Officer - VMBS

I would like to share this commendation with you, the wider VMBS family, as while we seek to ensure greater accountability we must also seek to congratulate, commend and emulate excellence wherever it is found.

Customers would call the office of the SVP from time to time about complex customer service issues. I must say, yesterday was a welcome change, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Walker called on behalf of one of our clients, Mrs. Edith Anderson, who is a senior citizen to express his profound thanks to Victoria Mutual Building Society, Duke Street Branch (that is Mrs. Lowe and her team, especially Tanya Hunter and Rochelle Bucknor) who he reported delighted them as they were served. Mr. Walker's words were and I quote "the service was impeccable, we felt so special, and this service we have never received anywhere else before".

It would have been remiss of me not to inform you of this proud moment, I was so elated. Commendation is in order for Mrs. Lowe and her team, especially Tanya and Rochelle, please continue to keep the VM service flag flying high as we look forward to providing the impeccable service our clients so deserve.

As communicated by: Marjorie D. Clarke Manager, Money Market/Trading

Yesterday I received a note dated 27th June 2008, from Miss Chigozili, and I quote:

"I never thought that I'd be complimenting VM (neither BS nor WM section) on Good Customer Service but I received such good service (w/a smile, to boot!) from Simone and Ms. Munsie that I've shocked myself and invested a large sum with your company. They deserve commendation.
Onyije Chigozili
P.S. I now have to tell DB&G that I'm w/VMWM"

As communicated by: Marjorie D. Clarke Manager, Money Market/Trading

My husband and I were very satisfied with the level of professional, courteous service we received from everyone at the Mandeville, Manchester branch. Therefore, we are very much contemplating opening an account with your institution and would therefore, like to know what requirements are needed for such.
I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Michelle, St. Andrew, Jamaica

I visited your Half Way Tree branch at approximately 2:50p.m to make a withdrawal and then a deposit. Your ABM was being serviced & was thus offline. I entered the branch & spoke to Ms. Brown who advised me to do my withdrawal at the ABM & return (arrangements were made with the security officer to allow my re-entry should 3:00 p.m be past). I was allowed back in at approximately 3:17 p.m, did my transaction and left. "Cudos" to Ms. Brown and the VMBS Team!

Hall, New Kingston

Very good service!

Tanya - Florida

Thank you sooooo much for the providing requested documents and such detail explanation.

Jenieve, New Kingston

I had a great experience, you have a wonderful and persuasive staff :)

Noleen, New Kingston

The receptionist was most courteous and very helpful!

Ms. Gray, New Kingston

I was very pleased with the service.

David, New Kingston

I really appreciate the care you guys show us customers.

Romario, St. Andrew

Outstanding service delivered by your customer service. I enjoyed my experience at the branch today.

Cynthia, St. Andrew

I was greeted warmly when I entered the branch. The VM rep. was very efficient. I will return soon.

Mr. Johnson, Half Way Tree

Today I had a very pleasant experience.

Winsome, St. Andrew

It is important to trust the bank you are affiliated to and I do.
Thank you VMBS.

Yvette - Virginia

Thank you very much for taking the time to call and clarify my request. I truly appreciate that. I can no longer say that all of Jamaica provides bad customer service. Sorry just been my experience lately.

Annette - Texas

I will keep you guys name on my list of good workers in the VMBS system. Please forward this letter to your supervisor as a recommendation letter towards a job well done. Again I say thanks a million & have a SAFE & BLESSED HOLIDAY SEASON & A HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS 2011 when it comes. GOD BLESS!!!

Pauline - Canada

I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service, because of your excellent help I was able to get the information that I needed because you jogged my memory when you mentioned Mutual Life of Jamaica and get the ball a rolling. So often you hear all negativity about Jamaica which just irks me because I am Jamaican even though I have lived outside of Jamaica for so many years.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Michael - Canada

I am a non resident customer at the New Kingston branch.
I would like commend VMBS on the efficient and professional service received through the call centre.
On Oct 16th 2009 at about 3:30PM, I called to find out why I hadn't received a Bank Statement in months, the Customer Service Agent addressed my concerns in a courteous and professional manner. She also provided valuable information on the services available for non residents like myself. This was my first time calling the telephone banking service and I am totally impressed.
One of the things that stays with me is how pleasant the agent was; she realized that I recently celebrated a birthday and acknowledge it. To someone else this may seem trivial but I disagree, this is what great customer service is made of; creating a memorable experience for each customer you come in contact with.
Thank you for the great service!

Harold - England

I 'm most impressed by your bank manners and utmost consideration display regarding this matter. You are a credit to your bank.

John - England

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my question. I am very
impressed with the quality of service from VMBS as each time I deal with
your company the responses are swift and courteous. It is a pity that
the banks in the UK are not as good as yours.

Winston Wynter

Recently a good friend of mine referred a colleague of his to Victoria Mutual Building Society for mortgage financing. He was elated with the courteous service he received. Thank you for making me proud of my bank.


I was first introduced to Victoria Mutual Building Society a couple of years ago while shopping for a mortgage loan that offered the lowest interest rate that satisfied my budget. Victoria Mutual not only offered the lowest interest rate but their Customer Representatives were awesome. I enjoyed the relationship then and still continue to do so. They are certainly the place to save with.

Sashalee Lindsay

Victoria Mutual has given me the opportunity to own a house.

wendy Blackwood

This is a big up to Ms Maria Maynard for quality service offered to me, keep it up

Carol Lyder

I would really like to give thanks to a couple of members of staff who always go the extra mile with their customer service. Devon and Tremaine who work in the London branches. Tremaine always greets me by my name, he has made me feel very welcome and Devon helped me out when I was having difficulties during me applying for internet banking. They are great members of staff, its always a pleasure to see them in the branch when I visit.


Special Thank you to Tremaine who is always helpful polite and get straight to the point. He waste no time in helping you at your visit and follow up by calling and keeping you up-to-date. He represent the \'society\' in a good light and offer excellent customer service.

Natalie Bryan

I had the pleasure of meeting Jodiann Darby, Customer Service Representative at your Halfway Tree branch yesterday. Although she was adamant about adhering to all rules the service she provided was second to none. I never had the pleasure of interacting with any other staff member but if VMBS continues to recruit and mold individuals like her I have no don\'t that business will surpass all expectation. Good job Jodi!!!!

Kelly Chance

The worst service! I will be taking me experience to the local papers in Florida.

Christine Williams

The customer service that answer the phone at (876) 927-7228 is UNPROFESSIONAL. I called with an issue that I wanted to resolved and the only way to do that was to educated myself on proper procedure instead I was hand up on. When I tried approximately five time to call back my calls were either redirected and not answer ( The person you\'re trying to call is not available ) I\'m not pleased.


I submitted an application for a joint account holder to be added to my account in September 2014. On visiting the New Kingston Branch three months later I was advised that one additional document was needed. No-one felt the need to advise me despite having my email address. Despite submitting the additional document, sending various emails and a telephone call to request confirmation of the update to my account, I am still waiting for a response. Not the service I expected from VMBS.

janice wright

I am a resident from overseas. I find it difficult to do business with VMBS such as simply opening an account. While I admire your strict policies with obtaining references in order to open an account I find it immensely difficult to go to my doctor, school and employer to request a reference on your form. I am a private person and find it not customer friendly to have to advertise due to your form what I need the reference for. Furthermore, a notary is customary for having documents authenticated, however, your institution requests stamps from a variety of different institutions/individuals. I would implore you to revisit your requirement to open an account based on the country the applicant is applying from. In my field it is called being culturally competent. I am from Jamaica and love Jamaica but in order to do business with those not from Jamaica I strongly suggest you look into my suggestion. I must say the employees I\'ve had the please of communicating with are very much customer focused and very pleasant to speak to.

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