Loans Solutions

Transforming savers into Home Owners for over 130 years! In keeping with our philosophy of mutuality, VMBS is committed to providing our valued members with access to financing solutions geared to meeting short, medium and long term goals.

Purchase/Home Improvement Loans

Regardless of the size or location, home ownership stands as a symbol of personal accomplishment and independence. Let us take you home. Take advantage of the benefits available at VMBS. Whether you are already a part of the VM Family or you are in the market for a mortgage loan, we have a mortgage plan to meet your needs. Our mortgages are disbursed in local and foreign currency.

Features & Benefits:

  • The Best Mortgage Rate in Jamaica 8.5% per annun on Jamaican Dollar Mortgages
  • 4.25%- 5% per annum on Foreign Currency Mortgages (USD/CAD/POUNDS)
  • Loan terms up to 35 years*
  • Available to local and overseas residents;
  • Fast turn-around on approvals
  • VMBS/NHT Joint Financing facilitation – one application for your convenience
  • No Processing/Commitment Fees
  • 50% Discounts on property valuations through VM Property Services
  • 15% discount on one year's motor insurance through British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC)

The Home of Financial Independence