Transforming savers into Home Owners for over 130 years! In keeping with our philosophy of mutuality, VMBS is committed to providing our valued members with access to financing solutions geared to meeting short, medium and long term goals.

VM Construction Loan

Already own real estate or recently inherited some land, would you like to begin construction? VMBS will provide you with a loan for the construction of your dream home, which is based on the value of the dwelling on completion not just the value of the property.

There are some prerequisites, such as proof of ownership of the land and an architect's drawing of the building plans, approved by the relevant planning authorities.


  • Variable interest rate
  • Financing based on the value of the dwelling on completion
  • Up to 15 years to repay

Come in to any VMBS branch today and talk to a Credit Officer or request a Financial Services Specialist to visit with you to begin the process of transformation from a saver to a homeowner.

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