VMBS Calculators

Ever wonder how much you could save or borrow if you had the right calculator to do all that calculation for you? Well, at Victoria Mutual Building Society we have the calculators to satisfy your very need. Whether saving for a house or a car, your long term or short term goals are important to us. The Calculators are provided as a guide and the information provided by VMBS calculators does not constitute financial advice.

An important element of a successful financial plan is setting clear goals. Write down each goal, the amount it will cost and the timeframe for achieving the goal. Prioritize, be realistic and set attainable goals.

The Savings Goal calculator is an excellent guide to help you determine how much you need to save each month in order to get to achieve your objectives.

Savings Goal Calculator

Savings Goal
Current Savings Balance
Annual Interest Rate  %
Tax Withheld
Number of Years  
Current Savings(FV)
Savings Gap
Required Monthly Savings